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2017.09.28 19:36

NOW HIRING a Store Manager

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Extra Form

NOW HIRING a Store Manager for Location:    Duluth, GA

3492 Satellite Blvd. # 100

Duluth, GA 30096

Number: 212-838-0404



The Store Manager is responsible for all aspects of store operations and ensures that all crew members perform their duties successfully. The main objective is to maintain consistent quality of service, quality of the product, and making high-performance sales. As the store manager, you will be responsible for hiring, developing, terminating, and generally holding all the crew members accountable for the responsibilities they may be assigned. The store manager supports quality management by using prompt judgment, flexibility, and multi-tasking. The store manager is also responsible for profits of the store, expense control, inventory control, purchasing / merchandising, regulatory compliance, and special projects as assigned.



Support / Gathering information to develop store operation plans

·           Administer new product launching,   promotions    and seasonal events

·           Collect feedback for identifying local community

and customer needs

·           Follow through with orders / orders from corporate

offices to be passionate and knowledgeable about Paris

Baguette products such as bread, pastries, and beverages

·           Effectively communicating relevant information to 

management and store employees.

·           Utilize WebPOS for measuring store revenue and 

operating performance   
   for automated programs for work schedule

monthly performance report, quarterly business report, 

cash and    product management program



Supporting store operation

·           Manage POS and credit card system during normal 

business hours

·           Daily Inventory Count: compare usage for materials daily 

and check orders and deliveries from sales

·           Supervise all physical inventory processes from 

weekly deliveries

·           Order materials / vendor supplies if assistant manager 

needs support

·           Opening and closing the store as planned, ensuring all 

security procedures are followed such as locking and 

ensuring all contents in the safety deposit box

·           Manage deliveries and delegates to staff how to unload 

and keep for storage

·          Confirm invoices for all products purchased before

·          Requesting local store marketing

·           Support simple repairs in the store such as equipment 

and furniture

·           Always keep all the pace of the store

feedback on how to improve

·          P & L Management and Assessment: by working with 

the management team

·         Sales Management and Assessment

·          Payroll: manage and approve time cards, manage vacation 

time and sick days

·          Checking final work schedules and ensuring appropriate 

store schedules in line with business needs

·          Attend all mandatory monthly meetings at Corporate offices


Employee management

·           Employee training: ensuring all employees are 

providing exceptional customer service, coach remembers how 

to improve customer service abilities

·          Discipline behavior against policies of the company

·          Delegating up duties and administering them as come up

·          Comply with policies in administering disciplinary actions

·           Building and sustaining a positive work environment 

great teamwork, mutual respect, and exceptional morale

·           Major Claims Response: with problems arising with the 

store, contact and alert the right department

·           Handling customer complaints until total customer satisfaction 


·           Assessing employees with performance evaluations, who 

can identify employees and find potential employees 

for possible promotions

·          Key Is Is Is the Is the the Holder: Safe Access and Petty Cash Access


All acting managers receive $ 100 incentive bonus each paycheck for taking up ad-hoc duties.



·            Bachelor's degree preferred

·            2+ years' experience in food & beverage / operations inside 

 a Paris Baguette retail store

·            Food Handler Safety Training Card



·            Have general knowledge on operating systems 

 and processes

·            Strong customer service skills

·            Clear and effective communication skills

·            Managing ability to manage complex projects 

 fast-changing business environment

·            Ability to Multi-Task

·            The Analyze the Data to the Operations to the Department

·            Security management regarding confidential and 

  sensitive information, such as employee personal information

Please send all resumes to    east_operations

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